Investor FAQ

What is Yelp?
For more information about Yelp, click here.
When was Yelp incorporated?
We were incorporated in Delaware on September 3, 2004 under the name Yelp, Inc.
When did Yelp go public?
March 2, 2012
When does your fiscal year end?
Our fiscal year ends December 31.
Who sits on your Board of Directors?
Click here for more information on our Board of Directors.
Who are your executive officers?

Jeremy Stoppelman, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Director
Jed Nachman, Chief Operating Officer
Lanny Baker, Chief Financial Officer
Laurence Wilson, General Counsel and Secretary
Alan Ramsay, Chief Accounting Officer

Who is your stock transfer agent?
Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
(781) 575-2000
Where is Yelp stock traded?
Yelp is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Our ticker symbol is YELP.
How do I contact investor relations for Yelp?
Please visit our Contact Information page.
How can I get financial documents emailed to me?

Financial documents can be received via email by signing up for Yelp's Email Alerts at the bottom of the Overview page of Yelp's Investor Relations page at Financial documents are available on the SEC's website at, as well as under the SEC Filing Link  section of the website listed above

How can I update my address?
To update your address, please contact your registered broker.
Do you pay a cash dividend?
Not at this time.
How do I invest in Yelp?
You must contact a registered broker to invest in the common stock of Yelp.
Do you have a direct purchase plan?
Do you have a Corporate Governance Program?
Yes, to review our Corporate Governance policies, as well as other relevant shareholder information, please visit the Corporate Governance section of this website.
How do I obtain a copy of your most recent annual or quarterly report?"
You can find a copy of our prospectus and any other SEC filings in the Financial Information section of this website. To download the prospectus click here.” to “You can find a copy of our prospectus and any other SEC filings here.